ALIVE's Mission

ALIVE's mission is to provide counseling, emergency sanctuary and other critical services to adults and children impacted by domestic abuse, as well as to increase awareness in order to create a supportive community.

ALIVE's Vision

ALIVE's vision is to end domestic abuse, restoring safety and peace one family at a time.

ALIVE's History

ALIVE (Alternatives to Living in Violent Environments) was founded in 1983 through the shared vision of two women with graduate degrees from Washington University who worked as advocates for battered women. Aware of the critical need for safe shelter for women and children victimized by domestic violence in St. Louis, they decided to fill the existing void in services. ALIVE’s humble beginnings took place in two rooms donated by a local church. Two volunteer co-directors conducted ALIVE’s initial efforts, and six safe home providers shared their homes with battered women and their children when safe shelter options were unavailable. In addition to offering the temporary shelter program, ALIVE hosted four weekly support groups.

ALIVE was incorporated in 1985 and over the years has expanded into a full-service domestic violence prevention agency. Our Nights of Safety program remains true to our founders' original vision of providing emergency sanctuary when all domestic violence shelter beds are full. ALIVE's additional services include:

  • a 24-hour crisis line.
  • emergency transportation.
  • individual and group adult counseling.
  • a children's treatment program.
  • court advocacy.
  • community education and outreach.

ALIVE's staff has grown to a team of 20 professionals staffing our two offices, one in the St. Louis area and the other in Franklin County. The operational volunteer corps that started with eight women now numbers 50 strong.

ALIVE's Statistics

During Fiscal Year 2015/16 ALIVE provided services to adults and children by:

  • answering 6,803 crisis calls.
  • furnishing emergency shelter for 368 victims of domestic violence and their 674 children, totaling 6,941 Nights of Safety.
  • assisting 453 clients with 741 court actions.
  • providing 3,669 hours of individual adult counseling services to 394 clients.
  • providing 1,790 hours of children's services to 258 children and parents.
  • facilitating 70 support groups with 58 individuals in attendance.
  • educating the community through 102 presentations to over 2,218 individuals.

We accomplished all of this with the help of our dedicated volunteers, who provided over 14,000 hours of volunteer service!

Local & State Statistics

According to the Missouri Highway Patrol Uniform Crime Reporting Program, in 2015:

  • St. Louis County Police responded to 4,195 domestic violence calls.
  • St. Louis Metropolitan Police responded to 2,275 domestic violence calls.
  • St. Charles Police responded to 1,473 domestic violence calls.
  • The Jefferson County Sheriff's Department responded to 1,485 domestic violence calls.
  • The Franklin County Sheriff's Department responded to 716 domestic violence calls.

These figures represent only those crimes that reported as domestic violence. The U.S. Department of Justice estimates that more than 40% of all domestic violence is unreported.

According to the Missouri Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence:

  • In the St. Louis area, 11,842 adults, youth, and children received domestic violence services in 2014.
  • Across Missouri, 9,852 adults and children were provided 344,068 bed nights of shelter in 2014.
  • 21,193 individuals were turned away in 2014, because a shelter was full.
  • Missouri programs assisted domestic violence survivors with 40,110 hours of court advocacy in 2014.
  • 44,240 incidents of domestic violence were reported to law enforcement in 2015. (Missouri Highway Patrol Uniform Crime Reporting Program).